Free Radicals

Free to use designs for T Shirts and other wonderful stuff relating to this Website.

I have no intention of setting up merchandising for the letters, this is a campaigning website not a money spinner and this page is about getting the message out there as supporting protest. All the art work is free and can be downloaded and taken or sent to any tee-shirt or mug/merchandising maker directly with no middle men involved.

DSC_3011aFlyer for campaign work to save our NHS


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no10bno10ano10cWith grateful thanks to Nicole Small for the following Shoestring Army designs.



blacklogoI use the one below as stickers for the letters and put one on the back of every envelope, but I am sure it has many other uses.

envelope_stickersHandy print outs to accompany letters to MP’s.

stop the war

stop the sanctionsbb

NHS A5 flyer.

save_the_nhsDo You #LoveYourNHS

nhs2017 General election campaign poster.


Labour Antisemitism Report.